Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Week of 5/7/18

This week all of my classes will be focused on reviewing for the keystone biology and AP biology tests Please reinforce
class activities at home...You can do it! All of our tests are on hold until after next week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Aca Bio- Monday lecture supports for evolution. Tuesday ws on evolution due Wednesday. Wednesday lecture patterns of evolution. Thursday Quiz evolution. Friday Lab the most intelligent mammal.

AP Biology- Monday and Tuesday- Lecture biotechnology. Wednesday-Friday worksheet interactive on biotech Quiz will be on Thursday

Bio II - Monday-Wednesday lecture Biotech worksheet Wednesday due Thursday. Thursday quiz.

Monday, April 23, 2018

week of 4\23\18

AP Biology- this week is test day for Bacteria virus and immunity...Tuesday for 1/2 and Wednesday for 2/3. we will review for all on Monday. Our lecture topic for the week is Biotechnology. It will be our last new info before the AP test we will start reviewing next week.
Aca Bio- This week we will start evolution Lecture Tuesday through Thursday with a ws Wed. Natural selection lab will run Friday. Quiz early next year.
Bio II- we are in the middle of our biotechnology topic Lecture Monday followed by an interactive on electrophoresis. Tuesday ws electrophoresis. Wednesday lecture gene therapy. Thursday video gene therapy Friday Quiz

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week of 4/16/18

AP Biology- This week will focus on Immunity and immunotherapy as a means of controlling cancer. Right now Test on virus bacteria and immunity is scheduled for Monday 4/23. Don't forget biointeractive on west Nile and virus research is due this week.
Academic Bio- We will complete lecvture on Human genetics Tuesday with sex linked and polygenic inheritance. We will close our topic with 2 RS that will be worked on in class Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday Jeopardy review and Friday Test day Human Genetics.
Bio II-Biotechnology is our topic. Monday will be a discussion on bioethical issues. Tuesday lecture GMO's with follow up on GMO's due Wednesday. Wednesday lecture other types of biotech. Thursday paper activity on DNA fingerprinting. Friday Quiz Biotech.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week of 4/9/18

AP Biology...Tuesday lecture life cycles of virus and how they are named. Wed and Thursday work on Bio interactive on west Nile virus and research questions on virus. Interactive due Friday and Research due Tuesday. Quiz Friday on virus.

Aca bio- week focus on blood . Tuesday lecture blood history. Wednesday Lecture Rh factor begin worksheet on blood type Punnett squares...Due Friday end of class. Thursday Blood Typing Lab Friday complete lab analysis and worksheet. both due end of class. Quiz will be Monday 4/16
Bio II Mon-Wed. Movie GATTACCA. Thursday lecture biotechnology Friday lecture genetic engineering RS GMO's due Monday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week of 3/11/18

Biology-This week we will focus on Gregor Mendel and the Punnett Square. Monday-Wednesday will be lecture Thursday we will practice our square technique with a worksheet by Friday we will be ready for a quiz.
AP biology Quiz this week on Thursday or Friday focused on evolution of life and cladograms. Research questions will be due 3/20 Monday( you are welcome)Biology II we are working with the evolution of behavior. Notes will be wrapped up Monday Tuesday worksheet Wednesday review Thursday Test and Friday introduce Hardy weinnberg theory.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week of 3/5/18

AP Biology- Monday we will reinforce cladistics with a worksheet due Tuesday. Tuesday lecture on the origins of life. Thursday Quiz Friday. Intro Bacteria
Academic Biology- Monday WS on mutations due Tuesday. Tuesday lecture causes of and testing for mutations. Wednesday or Thursday Quiz mutations. Followed by Lecture on Early theories of offspring formation leading to genetics.

Biology2- Monday WS how organisms choose mates as part of our study of behaviors. Tuesday design a bird to suit your beak. Wednesday Lab beaks of finches. Thursday Lab analysis and Friday Quiz on behavior.