Monday, September 17, 2018

Week of 9/17/18

Biologu- Friday was our test. There were 6 people absent so you will be taking your test first thing on Monday! Bee There! For the rest of us...Monday Intro lecture chemistry of life. Tuesday- ws reading the periodic table. Wednesday Intro Bohr Models Thursday Bohr Model worksheet. Fiday Quiz complete chem intro info.

Academic Biology- Monday lecture intro to the chemistry of life. Tuesday Worksheet on the periodic table. wednesday- Lecture Bohr Models Thursday Practice worksheet on Bohr Models Friday Quiz complete lecture on chem intro material.

AP Biology- Monday- Continue lecture on organic molecules(amino acids to proteins) Tuesday Complete organic lecture with nucleotides to nucleic acids. Followed by reinforcement worksheets on molecule identification. Wednesday lecture enzymes plastics lab due. Thursday-Lab effect of concentration on enzymes action. Friday Free response brainstorm day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Week of 9/10/18

Starting our week with a soggy Monday good news is since there are no windows in our science rooms we can't see how miserable it is outside.
Biology- Monday we will start our microscope lab working with a prepared insect part and a wet mount letter "e". Tuesday we will continue the lab with pond water samples. Completed lab report will be due Wednesday. Wednesday we will lecture history of the microscope and other tools used by scientists. Thursday will be Jeopardy review with our chapter 1 test scheduled for Friday.
Academic Biology- Monday we will look at living microorganisms in pond water there will be a little time to complete the lab Tuesday if you still need to completed reports due end of class Tuesday. we will also lecture a few additional tools used by biologists. Wednesday ws on the microscope. Thursday jeopardy review with chapter 1 test scheduled for Friday.

AP biology- Monday will be our first quiz of the year on properties of water second period will be for you to continue working on either the pH lab or the one on water potential both of which are due on Friday this week. Tuesday lecture intro to organic chem. Wednesday plastic identification lab. Report due next Wednesday 9/19.Thursday and Friday lecture 4 main organic compounds in living things. Ws Identifying organic molecules by formula.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Week of 9/4/18

Welcome back hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend. We had a great start last week lets keep it going...
Academic Biology- Tuesday complete lecture on characteristics of life WS Characteristics of life due wed. Wed.-Quiz will start class followed by a lecture on history of the microscope. Thursday hands on with compound microscopes. lecture/ interactive parts and what they do. Friday - microscope lab that will continue into next week.
AP Biology- Tuesday Lecture water potential verses osmotic pressure. Practice AP questions on properties of water due at end of class. Wed-set up water potential lab. Thursday read water potential results and run red cabbage lab. reports due 9/14.Friday graph and calculations for lab results.
General Biology- Tuesday activity on observations report due Wednesday. Wednesday Quiz to start class followed by intro lecture to characteristics of life. Thursday-complete characteristics of life lecture ws characteristics of life due Friday. Friday lecture history of the microscope/ parts of the microscope and how they are used.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Week of 8/27/2018

Welcome back everyone! Summer went by so quickly it seems hard to believe we are back already! We are going to hit the ground running so here goes...
General Bio...
Academic Bio...Monday welcome back. Tuesday Lecture what is biology Wed. Lecture what is life Ws characteristics of life due Thursday. Thursday observations and inferences lecture followed by reinforcement worksheet due Friday. Friday importance of scientific method graded worksheets due for Tuesday.

AP Biology- Tuesdays lecture properties of water we will start water lab if time allows and complete procedures through Thursday Completed report due 9/5. Friday lecture pH. Don't forget your water research questions which are due Monday 9/10.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Week of 5/7/18

This week all of my classes will be focused on reviewing for the keystone biology and AP biology tests Please reinforce
class activities at home...You can do it! All of our tests are on hold until after next week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Aca Bio- Monday lecture supports for evolution. Tuesday ws on evolution due Wednesday. Wednesday lecture patterns of evolution. Thursday Quiz evolution. Friday Lab the most intelligent mammal.

AP Biology- Monday and Tuesday- Lecture biotechnology. Wednesday-Friday worksheet interactive on biotech Quiz will be on Thursday

Bio II - Monday-Wednesday lecture Biotech worksheet Wednesday due Thursday. Thursday quiz.

Monday, April 23, 2018

week of 4\23\18

AP Biology- this week is test day for Bacteria virus and immunity...Tuesday for 1/2 and Wednesday for 2/3. we will review for all on Monday. Our lecture topic for the week is Biotechnology. It will be our last new info before the AP test we will start reviewing next week.
Aca Bio- This week we will start evolution Lecture Tuesday through Thursday with a ws Wed. Natural selection lab will run Friday. Quiz early next year.
Bio II- we are in the middle of our biotechnology topic Lecture Monday followed by an interactive on electrophoresis. Tuesday ws electrophoresis. Wednesday lecture gene therapy. Thursday video gene therapy Friday Quiz