Friday, January 24, 2020

Week of 1/27/2020

Bio II- Monday- we start our week with a lecture on supports for evolution. Darwin RS due. Tuesday Lab- Nuttall Precipitation as an evolutionary support. Wednesday Lecture patterns of Natural Selection. Thursday-ws patterns of evolution Friday-Quiz complete worksheet.
AP Bio- Week focus Biotech Monday Lecture cloning with follow up activity. Tuesday- lecture gel electrophoresis WS reinforcement Wednesday- lecture gene Therapy, CRISPER, Designer Babies. Biotech activity. Friday Quiz Biotech all worksheets from the week are due at the end of class.
Academic Bio Intro lecture to Respiration Focus anaerobic. Tuesday. Lecture muscle fatigue start muscle fatigue lab.
Wednesday- complete Lab report due Thursday. Thursday Lecture Aerobic respiration WS aerobic respiration due Friday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Week of 1/20/20

Bio II will continue watching GATTACCA Tuesday and Wednesday as part of our biotechnology chapter. Thursday we will introduce Evolution as our next topic with lecture that will continue on to Friday. No tests or quizzes this week.

AP Bio- we are wrapping up population genetic studies with a test scheduled for Thursday. New topic, Biotechnology will be our lecture focus Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Remember fishy frequency lab due Tuesday and Kernel Count due Friday this week.

Aca Bio- Tuesday we will wrap up photosynthesis lecture with a comparison of C3 and C4 plants followed by a review worksheet on photosynthesis. Wednesday review for test scheduled for Friday. Thursday periods 3 and 4 will miss class for presentation Periods 5-6 will begin new topic in lecture...Respiration.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

week of 1/12/20

Bio II- This week we finish off our discussion of biotech with a lecture on Monday about gene therapy and one on Tuesday about designer babies. Tuesday class will end with a RS on the topic due Wednesday. Our open notebook test on Biotech will be Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will watch Gattacca which fits perfectly with the topic.

AP Bio- We are still working through our math related topics so Monday we will lecture Hardy Weinberg followed by practice problem worksheet. Tuesday Fishy frequency lab. Wednesday will be a work day to complete lab and practice sheet. Thursday lecture to introduce Chi square followed by the corn lab. which will be continued into Friday.

Academic Bio-Monday- lecture layers of a leaf. Tuesday lecture the light reaction of photosynthesis Wednesday and Thursday chromatography lab there will be a quiz on photosynthesis Thursday. Friday lecture Calvin cycle

Monday, December 16, 2019

Week of 12/16/19

Bio II- This week our focus will be on Biotechnology. Monday Lecture What is Bio tech. Tuesday video Biotech and the future. Wednesday lecture plasmids. Thursday RS Plasmids.

AP Bio Take Home test on DNa due Monday. Tuesday- Food Lab. Wednesday Mutations and DNA. Thursday Volleyball game Friday 1/2 day

Academic Bio - Monday WS cell cycle Tuesday Open notebook test with a pet food donation. Wednesday Lecture electro magnetic spectrum. Thursday RS electromagnetic spectrum. Friday 1/2 day

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Week of 12/3/19

Bio II will spend the week working with Punnett squares. Tuesday Wednesday will be practice worksheets with a quiz scheduled for Thursday. Friday will be new material lecture on the additive and multiplicative rule for solving probability.
AP Biology. Tuesday will start with lecture wrapping up aerobic respiration and finish with a review of the history of DNA. Wednesday Meselson / stahl experiment activity. Due Friday. Thursday Quiz respiration time to complete activity.
Friday lecture replication.
Academic Biology- Tuesday Intro lectue Cell Cycle. Wednesday complete cell cycle notes. Thursday activity stages of the cell cycle identification. Friday complete lab & Quiz

Monday, November 25, 2019

Week of 11/25/19

Bio II Monday lecture intro to genetics. Tuesday and Wednesday practice problems Punnett Squares. Happy Thanksgiving!
AP Bio- Monday-Wednesday complete labs on seed respiration and muscle fatigue. Due Wednesday after Thanksgiving
Academic Bio- Jeopardy review Monday, Test cell organelles and Transport processes Tuesday. worksheet Wednesday

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Week of 11/18/19

Biology II- Monday complete lecture on allergies Tuesday Rs Allergies Wednesday RS Research antivaxers...presentations on how why and concerns Thursday- Jeopardy review Immunity Friday- Test immunity>>> all reading and research assingments due today.
AP Biology- Monday Test Photosynthesis. Tuesday - Lecture respiration aerobic and anaerobic. Wednesday Lab set up seed respiration. Thursday no class Mac Beth performance. Friday record lab results clean up calculate % variation graph. Report due Wednesday.
Academic Bio- Monday Lecture Passive Transport. Tuesday/ Wednesday lecture active transport ...sodium potassium pump with follow up worksheet due Friday. Thursday Macbeth 4/5 Period 6-7 will work on transport worksheet due Friday.