Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week of 3/11/18

Biology-This week we will focus on Gregor Mendel and the Punnett Square. Monday-Wednesday will be lecture Thursday we will practice our square technique with a worksheet by Friday we will be ready for a quiz.
AP biology Quiz this week on Thursday or Friday focused on evolution of life and cladograms. Research questions will be due 3/20 Monday( you are welcome)Biology II we are working with the evolution of behavior. Notes will be wrapped up Monday Tuesday worksheet Wednesday review Thursday Test and Friday introduce Hardy weinnberg theory.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week of 3/5/18

AP Biology- Monday we will reinforce cladistics with a worksheet due Tuesday. Tuesday lecture on the origins of life. Thursday Quiz Friday. Intro Bacteria
Academic Biology- Monday WS on mutations due Tuesday. Tuesday lecture causes of and testing for mutations. Wednesday or Thursday Quiz mutations. Followed by Lecture on Early theories of offspring formation leading to genetics.

Biology2- Monday WS how organisms choose mates as part of our study of behaviors. Tuesday design a bird to suit your beak. Wednesday Lab beaks of finches. Thursday Lab analysis and Friday Quiz on behavior.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

week of 2/26/18

AP Biology. we are wrapping up our discussion of evolution and speciation. Monday will be the test day for 1/2 and Tuesday for 2/3. We will be using the alternate days for time to complete the analysis of the poster activity. Remember you have research questions due for Friday .

Aca Bio- We will start our week with jeopardy review on DNA. Our test is scheduled for Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday we will lecture our next topic which is mutations Friday will be a ws reinforcing lecture topics.

Bio II Monday we will review Natural selection in prep for Tuesdays quiz. Wednesday and Thursday we will lecture evolution of behavior. Friday a RS on How females choose mates.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week of 2/12/18

Academic Biology- we are continuing our study our DNA this week. Monday will be a RS on Chimeras(due Tuesday) Tuesday & Wednesday Lab on DNA extraction along with analysis questions due Thursday. Thursday is quiz day and intro to replication. Friday Lecture replication.

AP Biology. Monday lecture population genetics Tuesday & Wednesday lecture Hardy WEINBERG START PRACTICE SHEET AND fishy FREQUENCY LAB. Thursday quiz periods 2-3 Friday Quiz periods 1-2 work Worksheet how female choose their mates day opposite quiz. Beaks of finches lab due Friday.

BiologyII Monday and Tuesday- No class because of class meetings. Wednesday quiz on patterns of evolution. Thursday Lecture supports for evolution. Friday lecture patterns of evolution

Friday, January 12, 2018

Week of 1/15/18

Ap Biology- Tuesday and Wednesday this week will be the final test of the marking period. Lecture will focus on intro to evolution and our lab for Friday will be Nuttall Precipitation.

Academic Biology- we are in the middle of our 2 most difficult topics, photosynthesis and respiration, we will wrapup photosynthesis lecture Monday Jeopardy review Tuesday, Test Wednesday, reading strat Thursday and Intro to respiration on Friday.

Bio II- Lecture topic is Fungi. we will be ready for a quiz on Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Week of 1/2/2018

AP Biology- we will be getting back into the groove of things with some work with Punnett squares Tuesday and Wednesday. They are all types we did in 10th grade so we will be moving quickly. Wednesday we will learn how to use the additive and product rules to solve a square without the square. Thursday Lecture and WS on gene mapping to be completed on Friday.

Biology. Welcome back worksheet on the electromagnetic spectrum due Wednesday. Wednesday-lecture pigment verses color and how our eye interprets color. Thursday- lecture leaf coloration and fall...followed by parts of a leaf. Friday Quiz and problems with the photosynthesis formula.

Bio II- We will spend the week using microscopes to identify a variety of Protists as part of our protest lab which will be due Monday 1/8

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week of 12/11/17

Academic Biology We will spend Monday and Tuesday talking about the process of meiosis. There will be a cancer RS and a meiosis worksheet due for Tuesday end of class.Wednesday we will introduce our new topic of photosynthesis in lecture. Thursday will be jeopardy review with a test scheduled for Monday.

AP Biology- We are working on protein synthesis and Monday and Tuesday will be a combo of lecture and reinforcement worksheets. Wednesday will be a work day on AP test questions. Thursday a Quiz on protein synthesis. Friday focus on Gene expression in cells...the operons.

Bio II Monday class worksheet on protist identification.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lecture plant like protists.Friday an RS on red tide due by the end of class.