Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 0f 10/9/17

AP Biology- Tuesday we start Homecoming week with a Quiz on cellular structure and function. Wednesday, a data delay we will start lecturing on the cell cycle Lecture will continue through Thursday and we will start lab on identifying stages of the cell cycle.

Biology- Tuesday and Wednesday will be lecture introducing organic chem. Thursday a worksheet on water properties and Friday we will Jeopardy review for Mondays Biochem Test.

Bio II we will spend the week with our bacteria culture plates Tuesday we will look at prepared slides and try to kill bacteria we grew.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week of 10/2/17

AP Bio- This week we continue our focus on cellular organelles. We will finish off lecture Monday and Tuesday with this weeks lab focusing on centrifugation its projected due date is 10/11. There are a lot of things due this week... Monday why are cells so small lab, Friday 2 cell worksheets and research on the wondrous world of cells. We are scheduled for a quiz Tuesday 10/10.Thursday will be a work day since most of you will be going to the college fair.

Aca Bio- we are still focused on properties of water and will spend Monday completing the activities we started on Friday. Tuesday is a quiz day any time left can be used to complete lab reports which will be due Wednesday. Wednesday Lecture pH. Thursday pH lab and Friday RS Rivers on Rolaids...also pH lab is due.

Bio II- We will start the week with a work day to collect missing assignments...there are a bunch from the age of fossils. Tuesday will be a quiz followed by the introduction of our new topic Bacteria with lecture. Wednesday lecture on classification of bacteria through possible shapes with a worksheet on Edward Jenner(due Friday).Friday we will streak plates and introduce culturing.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Week of September 25 2017

AP Biology- This weeks focus topic will be cells. Monday -lecture cells and passive transport. Tuesday 1/2 lecture why are cells so small followed by lab. Coacervate lab due from 2/3 Wednesday Lecture intro to organelles follow up worksheet. Thursday complete lecture on organelles along with worksheets. Friday cell fractionation lab research due Monday.

Bio-Monday lecture Bohr models practice worksheet to be continued Tuesday. Wednesday Intro lecture properties of water. continue Thursday followed by water lab which will run 2 days. Completed lab due Monday. Thursday Quiz day?

Bio II Our week is focused on the tree of life, We will mix lecture with practice worksheets and activities throughout the week. all assignments will be due Friday.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Week of September 18, 2017

AP Biology- Test Day on properties of water Monday for period 1/2 and Tuesday for period 2/3.Lab on plastic identification due based on when lab was completed either Monday or Tuesday. Our new lecture topic will introduce Theories on how life began. Wednesday Coacervate Lab. Thursday lecture How does the cell membrane regulate what gets in or out of cell. Lab: Why are cells so small? Friday lecture active and passive transport.

Academic Bio
Monday- Complete lecture on tools of the biologist. Microscope labs due. Tuesday jeopardy review. Wednesday Test on scientific method and microscopes. Thursday Intro lecture on the chemistry of life. Friday Bohr models and how they indicate reactivity. Worksheet.

BiologyII Monday complete activity examining the fossil record. Tuesday analysis on fossil record activity. Wednesday- Jeopardy Review. Thursday Test. Friday start new topic classification systems

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week of Sept 11 2017

AP Bio= Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-Complete lecture on organic molecules... Plastic polymer lab and research assignment on recycling symbols( Due Monday or Tuesday next week) work sheet on identification of organic molecules in class practice. Wednesday double lecture catalysts Thursday lab catalase Friday test day 2-3/ Monday test day 1-2

Academic Biology- Monday ;lecture the history of the microscope. Tuesday using light microscopes identify parts and uses.Wednesdayand Thursday microscope lab( report due Friday. Friday quiz parts of the microscope complete lecture tools of the biologist.

Biology ii- Monday lecture Fossils and the fossil record. Tuesday and Wednesday activity...the great fossil find.RS on fossils due Thursday along with completed lab report. Thursdays/Friday activity...Is the fossil record complete? Quiz Friday.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week of September 5 2017

Academic Bio- Tuesday we will use scientific method to support or disprove the hypothesis we developed as teams on Friday. Remember you need a data table and conclusion as well as analysis questions. Lab will be due on Thursday. Tuesday Lecture Characteristics of life. 2 worksheets due. Thursday Quiz day scientific method and Lab report due continue lecture on characteristics of life. Friday worksheet characteristics of life/

AP Bio- Tuesday and Wednesday- lecture focus homeostasis. Lab water potential in different fruits and vegetables. completed report due Monday 9/11. Thursday Quiz Properties of water. Red cabbage lab due. Begin lecture on organic chem.
Friday lecture organic compounds.

BioII- Tuesday lecture history of earth...eons, eras, periods, epochs. Wednesday Quiz characteristics of life. Thursday lecture origin of life...coacervates. Friday coacervate lab.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Week of 8/28/17

Week of 8 28 2017

Welcome back everyone! We are going to hit the ground running so here are the assignments for the week..
AP Bio- Lecture focus Properties of water.
reinforcement lab on water properties will be du on Tuesday9/5. Red cabbage lab will be due Thursday 9/7.

Academic Biology- Tuesday will begin our lecture What is science with worksheet on observations and inferences...due Wed. Wed. Lecture dependent and independent variables...ws follow up due Thursday. Thursday lecture scientific method begin lab design Friday run lab Time for completion Tuesday as needed. Completed lab report due Wednesday 9/7

BiologyII- Tuesday lecture characteristics of life. Wednesday complete lecture worksheet reinforcement due Thursday. Thursday introduce Theories on the origin of Life Friday peprally no class.