Friday, April 21, 2017

Week of 4/24/17

Academic Biology- This week we will wrap up our discussion on classification. Monday lecture on cladograms followed by a worksheet on reading cladograms worksheet on dichotomous keys due. Tueday Jeopardy review ( cladogram worksheet due) with our big chapter test , classification and evolution scheduled for Wednesday. Thursday we will introduce our final topic for the year ecology... Remember Keystones are on the 15th of May!!!

AP Bio- Monday I won't see you it is scheduling day for the AP exam. Tuesday we will work on some practice problems with Hardy Weinberg formula and carry that over into Wednesday with the fishy frequency lab. Thursday lecture on the evolution of behavior followed by Beaks of Finches lab. Remember orgami bird lab is due. Friday will be lecture on speciation.

Monday, April 17, 2017

week of 4/17/17

Biology- Monday and Tuesday will be lab days on the opposable thumb. Report will be due Wednesday. Wednesday we will start lecture on classification with focus on Karl von Linne and the 8 levels of classification. Thursday lecture dichotomous keys followed up with a worksheet classifying salamanders. Friday make your own key using "frogs".

AP Biology- Monday will be an intro lecture to Evolution Followed by Nuttall Precip Lab. Report will be due Friday.Remember Chi square corn lab due Tuesday. Tuesday we will start with lecture on Natural selection followed by Jeopardy review. Wednesday Genetics Test Day. Thursday Bird Lab. Friday

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week of 4/10/17

Academic biology-All biology classes will begin the week with a lecture on supporting evidence for evolution. Lab on Natural selection is due today. Tuesday- Lecture will continue with a comparison of natural verses artificial selection. We will end the day with a reading strategy that supports our topic Wednesday will start with a quiz and continue with an in class activity challenging you to design an organism suited to live on my planet and write a 5x5 to convince me of it's "perfection". Thursday will be an in class work day...both the reading strategy and organism design will be due for the end of class Happy Easter.

AP Biology- Monday we will refresh our Punnett square skills with a practice sheet due Thursday. Tuesday we will learn a short cut method to squares. The additive and multiplicative rules and try some practice problems using the new techniques. Wednesday Chi Square will be introduced as a means of evaluating the validity of our probability results and Thursday we will try using Chi square in a simulated lab activity.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week of 4/3/17

Academic Biology- Movie Genetics will wrap up our discussion of heredity and close the marking period. Tuesday we will begin our focus on evolution with a lecture on some early ideas as to how life began. Wednesday lecture what is evolution followed by a worksheet on Darwin that will be due Thursday. Thursday an activity on Natural Selection with report due Friday and Friday lecture supports for evolution.

APBiology- We will use Monday to finish off the respiration labs due Thursday. Tuesday QUIZ on respiration followed by lecture intro to DNA. Wednesday lecture on semi conservative replication followed by a lab on Meselson and Stahl which will be finished in class Thursday. We will also discuss gene regulation and review development on Thursday. Friday will be a one day review of Punnett squares with some practice problems.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Week of 3 27/17

Academic Biology...Sadly we are almost at the end of our work with genetics. We will wrap up Monday with a closing lecture( Don't forget the blood typing lab and ws on blood types is due today)We will spend Tuesday in Jeopardy Review and plan on Wednesday as TEST DAY! Thursday we will begin our new topic ... Evolution with a discussion on various theories on the origins of life. Friday we will focus on theories of Natural selection focusing on Charles Darwin.

Ap Bio- Monday we will complete our discussion of photosynthesis and we will Introduce respiration with a review of the structure of mitochondria. Tuesday will be a photosynthesis quiz followed by set up of a seed respiration lab. Wednesday lecture on aerobic respiration followed by reading lab results and clean up. completed report due Friday. Thursday lecture on muscle fatigue followed by a muscle fatigue activity that will takes us into Friday.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Week of 3/20/17

Academic Biology-
Welcome back after Stella! We are going to try to pick up just where we left off...How are human genetic studies done? We will start our Monday with some review of what we have covered so far. Then focus on Twin studies. There will be a reading strategy that goes along due for Tuesday. Tuesday we will introduce blood typing history in lecture. Wednesday we will focus lecture on Landsteiner and blood types there is a practice worksheet that goes along will be due Thursday. Thursday and Friday will be a blood typing lab with the report due Monday.
Ap Biology -
We are focused on photosynthesis and will look at the role of pigments in the light reaction. We will then try our luck with a pigment extraction activity that will allow the determining of reference fronts. We will read those results on Tuesday and work on our calculations. Wednesday we will be lecturing the light reaction and Thursday we will focus on the Calvin cycle. There will be a worksheet for reinforcement. Friday I'm feeling a quiz on development and intro to the electromagnetic spectrum.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week of 3/12/17

This week we will continue our exploration of how humans are studied for their genetic traits. Monday and Tuesday we will focus on twin studies with a lecture. Wednesday we will introduce the history of blood typing lecture.
Thursday will be a worksheet using Punnet square to predict blood type and Friday will start our blood typing lab. All of this hinges on the impending "Mega Storm" forecast for tomorrow.