Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Week of 11/12/18

Short week that will probably be short week thanks to the predicted snow for Thursday and Friday so this weeks plan is prone to change.,,,stay tuned.
Biology. Tuesday -cell worksheet time I will need the cell chart and fill in the blank yellow paper by Thursday.Wednesday finish off cell microscope lab. Thursday cell city worksheet Friday Quiz on cells microscope lab due.

Academic Bio- Tuesday intro lecture to transport processes. Wednesday worksheet on cells due end of class Thursday.Friday transport Quiz...?We will hold off on lab till next week when the weather looks better.

AP Bio- Monday lecture will focus on alternation of generation in plants and algae. Thursday lecture of alternation of generation in fungi. Friday review for test...scheduled for Monday. Test will include some on divisions with majority on variations in repro and development.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Week of 11/5 2018

This is confused week with lots of assemblies and drills that will disrupt class schedules.
Biology- Monday we will lecture on organelles in cells. Tuesday- no class Veteran's Day Program Wednesday-complete lecture on organelles and start lab on cells which will take the rest of the week. Quiz on organelles scheduled for Friday.

Academic Biology- This week will focus on identifying organelles and understanding their functions. Monday we will repeat Robert Hookes cork lab. Tuesday focus will be on plant cells we will have a variety of samples to observe and draw ranging from onions to potatoes and tomatoes. Wednesday no class for period 4. Others will continue with plant cells Thursday Human cheek cells will complete the lab samples on cells and time will be given for analysis questions. Labs are due Friday. Friday we will begin lecture on transport processes.

AP Bio. Monday quiz day on division processes. Tuesday and Wednesday- no class due to assemblies. Thursday- lecture on reproductive methods and patterns of development.

Friday, October 26, 2018

WEEK OF 10/29/18

BIOLOGY- Monday we will wrap up our organic topic with Jeopardy review in prep for Tuesdays Test Day. Wednesday well begin the 2nd marking period with a focus on cells. Lectures Wednesday Through Friday interspersed with a few worksheets along the way. Quiz this week is Thursday.
Academic Biology-Monday begins our work for the second marking period. We will focus on cells their structure and function. Monday through Thursday will be a mix of lecture and worksheets as we cover the organelles that keep cells alive. Quiz will be Thursday. Friday Plan on a lab involving microscopes and you guessed it cells.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Week of 10/22/18

Biology.- We will begin our week with a quiz on organic chem. Followed by a completion of our lecture on Nucleic acids and proteins. Tuesday lecture on enzymes. Wednesday enzyme lab which will be completed on Thursday. Friday work sheet/study guide workday.

Academic biology- Monday and Tuesday enzyme lab. Wednesday jeopardy review Thursday organic chem test day. Friday intro to cells lecture.

AP Biology. Monday lecture intro to controls and stages of the cell cycle To be completed on Tuesday. Tuesday will also be a cell cycle identification activity which will be due Friday end of class. Wednesday review worksheet on stages of the cell cycle. Thursday Test Day. Friday complete lab and research day.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Week of 10/15/18

Biology- we will start our week with a continuing discussion on organic chemistry specifically carbohydrates. Tuesday we will try a taste test lab that will take us into Wednesday. Thursday organic quiz. Friday Lecture lipids.

Academic Biology- We will finish off our artificial sweetener lab on Monday. Report due Tuesday. Tueday Quiz on notes up to carbs. Wednesday Lecture Lipids continue into Thursday with RS Butter wars. Friday Lecture nucleic acids and proteins.

AP Biology-Monday complete lecture on cytoskeleton. Tuesday Quiz on transport and cellular organelles. Wednesday Intro lecture to cell division. Thursday complete lecture and reinforcement worksheet cell fractionation lab due. Friday stages of cell division lab.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Week of 10/8/18

Biology- Guess's test time! Tuesday we will jeopardy review properties of water and Bohr models. Test will be on Thursday because of Psat testing on the 10th. Friday we will introduce organic chem with a reading strategy that will be done in class.

Academic Biology- Tuesday will be our introductory lecture on Organic Chem. Wednesday PSAT Testing Thursday Lecture organic compounds essential for life...starting with sugars. Follow up RS and research on artificial sweeteners to be completed in class on Friday.

AP Biology- Tuesday double period lecture on cellular organelles, structure and their functions in cells. Wednesday we will complete lecture with time to complete review worksheet. Thursday Lab cell fractionation. Friday work day for Lab and review sheet

Monday, October 1, 2018

week of 10/1/18

Biology- Monday we will continue our discussion of properties of water by looking at what it means to be an acid or a base. Tuesday pH lab which will be due Wednesday end of class. Thursday worksheet review to be done during class. Friday act 80 day review.

Academic Biology- Monday worksheet on the properties of water. Tuesday Jeopardy review Chapter 2 Chem and properties of water. Wednesday- Test Day Thursday-Intro to organic chem. Friday scategories.

AP Biology- Monday lecture makeup of the plasma membrane Tuesday lab why are cells so small? Followed by passive transport lecture Wednesday- Lecture focus on active transport Thursday- college fair trip no class Friday ws transport problems...