Monday, January 14, 2019

Week of 1/14/2019

Can you believe its the end of the second marking period already? So this week we will wrap up photosynthesis and start the new period with respiration in Bio and finish from DNA to protein in AP

GEneral Bio- Monday lecture the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis. Tuesday worksheet on photosynthesis Wednesday Photosynthesis test. Thursday Lecture intro respiration Friday muscle fatigue lecture start lab if time.

Aca Bio- Monday- read chromatogram results complete analysis questions Tuesday-Lecture Calvin Cycle Chromatography lab due Wednesday- Comparison C3 with C4 plants worksheet/ study guide Thursday Test photosynthesis Friday-Intro lecture respiration

AP Bio- Monday- Lecture from DNA to protein, Tuesday- lecture mutations follow up practice worksheet. Wednesday - lecture operons with reinforcement worksheet due Friday Thursday- Test DNA Friday Practice test questions

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Week of 1/2/19

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a good break with only 16 days left in the marking period we have tons to get through so...
Gen Bio- Wed lecture electromagnetic spectrum Thursday- Lecture why we see color follow up RS On eyes of mantis shrimp Friday Lecture pigments in leaves and why leaves turn color and fall...Quiz Monday 1/7
Academic Bio- Wednesday- lecture how our eyes see color. RS eyes of mantis shrimp(due Friday) Thursday- Lecture Pigments in leaves and why leaves change color and fall. Friday- Start class with a Quiz up to design of the eye followed by lecture-layers in a leaf
AP Bio- Wed- lecture possible mathods of replication in DNA. Thursday activity Meselson/stahl(due Monday) Friday- lecture replication

Monday, December 10, 2018

week of 12/10/2018

Two weeks to go until Christmas break...Don't forget your pet food donations!
Biology- Monday Review cell cycle cancer connection read and answer questions on the "Radium Girls" due Tuesday. Tuesday Intro lecture meiosis. Wednesday lecture how diversity is introduced into a species. Thursday RS meiosis. Friday ws meiosis
Academic Bio-Monday lecture meiosis in males verses females. Tuesday lecture how diversity is introduced in a species. Wednesday-Rs meiosis due Thursday ws cell cycle meiosis comparison. Friday test review Monday test day.
AP Bio- Monday quiz photosynthesis Tuesday lecture respiration. Wed- set up respirometers. Thursday read lab results lecture anaerobic respiration. Friday work on lab reports.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Wek of 12/3/18

Biology...Make up tests will be given on Tuesday for those absent Friday 11/30. Monday in class lecture intro to the stages of the cell cycle. Tuesday complete discussion of the stages of mitosis Followed by lab ID stages of cycle. Completed lab due by Friday. Wednesday continue with lab calculations. Thursday ws review of cell cycle. Friday Quiz and complete worksheets.

Academic Bio- Monday complete lecture on stages of cell cycle. Lab on ID of stages/ calculations of time in stage. Tuesday continue with lab complete calculations and analysis. Wednesday ws review of stages due Thursday. Thursday Quiz lecture the cell cycle cancer connection. Friday RS The radium girls.

AP Biology- Monday lecture the light reaction of photosynthesis followed by time to complete lab measures. Tuesday- research questions due Monday 12/10 Wednesday lecture the calvin cycle extra time can be used to work on research questions. Thursday. Lecture variations in the calvin cycle. Friday Photosynthesis quiz.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Week of 11/26/18

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break. Here's the plan for the week
Biology- Tuesday and Wednesday will be a mix of lecture and time to complete reinforcement worksheets on the topics covered. Thursday will be a jeopardy review and Friday will be our test day on organelles and transport processes.

Academic Biology. Tuesday will be Jeopardy review and Wednesday will be Test day on cell organelles and transport. Thursday we will introduce our new topic in lecture the cell cycle. Friday Lecture on the stages of the cell cycle and how to identify them.

AP Biology- Tuesday welcome back quiz on variations in reproduction and stages of development. Wednesday and Thursday Lecture on electromagnetic spectrum, why we see color and the light reaction of photosynthesis. Friday- set up lab on pigment extraction using chromatography.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Week of 11/12/18

Short week that will probably be short week thanks to the predicted snow for Thursday and Friday so this weeks plan is prone to change.,,,stay tuned.
Biology. Tuesday -cell worksheet time I will need the cell chart and fill in the blank yellow paper by Thursday.Wednesday finish off cell microscope lab. Thursday cell city worksheet Friday Quiz on cells microscope lab due.

Academic Bio- Tuesday intro lecture to transport processes. Wednesday worksheet on cells due end of class Thursday.Friday transport Quiz...?We will hold off on lab till next week when the weather looks better.

AP Bio- Monday lecture will focus on alternation of generation in plants and algae. Thursday lecture of alternation of generation in fungi. Friday review for test...scheduled for Monday. Test will include some on divisions with majority on variations in repro and development.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Week of 11/5 2018

This is confused week with lots of assemblies and drills that will disrupt class schedules.
Biology- Monday we will lecture on organelles in cells. Tuesday- no class Veteran's Day Program Wednesday-complete lecture on organelles and start lab on cells which will take the rest of the week. Quiz on organelles scheduled for Friday.

Academic Biology- This week will focus on identifying organelles and understanding their functions. Monday we will repeat Robert Hookes cork lab. Tuesday focus will be on plant cells we will have a variety of samples to observe and draw ranging from onions to potatoes and tomatoes. Wednesday no class for period 4. Others will continue with plant cells Thursday Human cheek cells will complete the lab samples on cells and time will be given for analysis questions. Labs are due Friday. Friday we will begin lecture on transport processes.

AP Bio. Monday quiz day on division processes. Tuesday and Wednesday- no class due to assemblies. Thursday- lecture on reproductive methods and patterns of development.