Monday, May 20, 2019

Week of 5/20/19

Bio classes will start ecology this week our final topic for the year. I can't really put in definates about what will happen when because of Spartan Games and all the other things going on this week so we will go with the flow. Each day will follow the same format with a short lecture followed by a worksheet/activity that reinforces the topic. Quiz Friday.
AP Bio will devote the week to the study and dissection of a Leopard frog

Monday, May 13, 2019

Week of 5/13/19


Friday, April 26, 2019

Week of 4/29/19

Bio classes Monday- complete notes on evolution. Review worksheet Tuesday I'll miss morning classes so continue working on review and study for Wednesday evolution test Wednesday- test day Thursday Intro lecture classification Friday what are dichotomous keys?
AP Bio- Monday assign presentation topics complete lecture on immunity Tuesday-Library time to research for presentations Wednesday- begin presentations Thursday test- bacteria, virus and immunity Friday complete presentations.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Week of 4/22/19

Bio- Hope you enjoyed your long Easter break...Now it's back to work. Monday we will reinforce the concept of Natural Selection with our Lab on fish. This Lab usually takes more than one day so we will continue on Tuesday as needed...Remember Tuesday has a quiz o. spontaneous generation and evolution. Wednesday- Lecture on supports of evolution....All evolution worksheets are due today! Thursday-Lecture patterns of evolution activity...Start Opposable thumb lab- complete Friday, analysis due Monday.
AP Bio- Monday Intro lecture to immunity (levels 1 & 2) Research assignment Tuesday- lecture Level 3 Wednesday Ws Immunity Thursday Lecture problems with the immune system Friday Test Bacteria/ virus/ immunity

Monday, April 15, 2019

Week of 4/15/19

Short week this week...our one day of Easter break.
Bio classes- We will introduce our new topic of evolution on Monday with Lecture. Tuesday- Lecture theories of evolution followed by a ws survival of the fittest, due Wednesday. Wednesday lecture Natural selection/ Patterns of NS. Thursday Natural selection lab continue/ complete lab Monday following Easter. There will be a quiz Monday as well.
AP Bio- we are focused on virus-Monday lecture how virus spread followed by Pink disease simulation. write up due Tuesday. Tuesday lecture viral life cycles. Wednesday-complete viral lecture with viroids and prions. West nile viral activity. Thursday virus quiz.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Week of 4/8/19

Bio- we will be finishing up our focus on human genetics this week with a lecture Monday on genetic engineering Tuesday RS GMO's pro or con due Wed. Wednesday - jeopardy review Human genetics Thursday Test day. Friday Intro lecture Origin of life.

AP Bio- Monday complete bacteria lecture and measure zones of inhibition on agar plates. Tuesday double period 1/2 Bacteria quiz 1/2 Gram staining and bacteria ID, Wednesday no class college fair at Martz Hall Thursday- research assignments on virus due. Begin lecture on virus run activity on Pinks disease. Friday continue virus on lab analysis virus, bacteria lab report due.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Week of 4/1/19

Welcome to the 4th marking period!
Bio- This week is devoted to the study of blood. We start the week with a lecture day on blood type history. Tuesday we will work on Punnet squares with blood types they will be due Wednesday. Wednesday - Lecture why does blood clot and Rh factors blood typing due Thursday-Blood typing lab report complete and submit for Friday Friday- Quiz on human genetic studies complete lab analysis

AP Biology- Monday lecture shapes of bacteria and steps involved in culturing/ Lab set up with petri plates. Tuesday Quiz speciation and the evolution of life on earth. Wednesday- lab day zones of inhibition and Gramm stain. Thursday lecture requirements of bacterial growth complete bacteria topic lecture info Friday.