Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week of 12/11/17

Academic Biology We will spend Monday and Tuesday talking about the process of meiosis. There will be a cancer RS and a meiosis worksheet due for Tuesday end of class.Wednesday we will introduce our new topic of photosynthesis in lecture. Thursday will be jeopardy review with a test scheduled for Monday.

AP Biology- We are working on protein synthesis and Monday and Tuesday will be a combo of lecture and reinforcement worksheets. Wednesday will be a work day on AP test questions. Thursday a Quiz on protein synthesis. Friday focus on Gene expression in cells...the operons.

Bio II Monday class worksheet on protist identification.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lecture plant like protists.Friday an RS on red tide due by the end of class.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Week of 11/28/17

AP Biology- This week will focus on DNA history and the process of replication. Tuesday will be 42 slides of notes for both classes. Period 1 will finish note Wednesday then start Meselson Stahl experiment. Thursday lecture on replication process and Friday research question on the topic.

Academic Biology... Tuesday Intro lecture on The cell cycle. Wednesday lecture on specific stages of the cell cycle. Thursday activity identification of cell cycle stages and Friday quiz and finish off activity.

Bio II- Tuesday Lecture topic Protists. Wednesday Lecture animal like protists. Thursday lab/ worksheet. Friday Lecture plant like protists.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week of 11/13/17

AP Biology. Our focus this week is cellular respiration. we will have 2 labs, one on muscle fatigue and one on seed respiration. Our labs will take up most of class time and will be due Wednesday next week. I plan on having a quiz Friday .

Academic Bio. Monday will be a chance to complete labs from last week. They are due at the end of class. Tuesday lecture4 on Passive transport. Wednesday lab set up Gummy Bears and worksheet. Thursday read lab results Friday lecture Active Transport and make final lab reading. Monday lecture Sodium Potassium Pump and lab report due. Tuesday Quiz on Transport.

Boio II Monday workon Immunity worksheet. Tuesday Ws on immunity. Wed. Complete lecture endemics, epidemic pandemic. continue on worksheet. Thursday review and Friday Immunity test.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Week of 11/1/2017

AP Biology

Thursday will be a lecture on the light reaction of photosynthesis there might be time to work on Rf lab which is due Tuesday. Friday we will wrap up photosynthesis with a calvin cycle lecture. Monday ws wrap up in prep for Tuesdays Photosynthesis Quiz. Wed-Friday we will work on cellular respiration with a seed lab set up.

Aca Bio Thursday we will finish up lecture on cellular organelles followed by a study guide organelle sheet. Friday will be a practice worksheet identifying organelles... Remember your cell timeline research is due. Monday through Wednesday will be lab days. You will have a chance to observe some of the organelles discussed in class. Big Organelle Quiz on Thursday and we will continue our discussion of cells focusing in on transport for Friday.

BIOII Thursday will be jeopardy review and Friday will be our virus bacteria test. Monday we will begin our new topic of immunity that will take us through Friday. Probable quiz Thursday or Friday. Monday remember virus research is due.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Week of October 10/23/17

AP Biology- This week we will be focused on sexual reproduction and early development. There are no labs scheduled this week so our days will be a mix of lecture and research on your latest assignment which is due for Friday. I'm also planning a quiz for Friday that I would like to include in this marking period.

Academic Bio- Monday we will complete our lecture on organic compunds Tuesday lecture enzymes and their function. Butter wars RS is due. Wednesday worksheet organic review and a QUIZ. Thursday and Friday Lab Mr Enzyme. We should be ready next week for Jeopardy review the 30 and Organic Test the 31. Test will count for the second marking period.

Bio II Monday we will complete part ii of Discovery school Bacteria. Tuesday will be our presentation day on Most wanted Bacteria. Wednesday Lecture Intro to Virus. Thursday lecture Viral lifecycles. Friday will be a virus quiz and time to start on research questions on virus.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 0f 10/9/17

AP Biology- Tuesday we start Homecoming week with a Quiz on cellular structure and function. Wednesday, a data delay we will start lecturing on the cell cycle Lecture will continue through Thursday and we will start lab on identifying stages of the cell cycle.

Biology- Tuesday and Wednesday will be lecture introducing organic chem. Thursday a worksheet on water properties and Friday we will Jeopardy review for Mondays Biochem Test.

Bio II we will spend the week with our bacteria culture plates Tuesday we will look at prepared slides and try to kill bacteria we grew.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week of 10/2/17

AP Bio- This week we continue our focus on cellular organelles. We will finish off lecture Monday and Tuesday with this weeks lab focusing on centrifugation its projected due date is 10/11. There are a lot of things due this week... Monday why are cells so small lab, Friday 2 cell worksheets and research on the wondrous world of cells. We are scheduled for a quiz Tuesday 10/10.Thursday will be a work day since most of you will be going to the college fair.

Aca Bio- we are still focused on properties of water and will spend Monday completing the activities we started on Friday. Tuesday is a quiz day any time left can be used to complete lab reports which will be due Wednesday. Wednesday Lecture pH. Thursday pH lab and Friday RS Rivers on Rolaids...also pH lab is due.

Bio II- We will start the week with a work day to collect missing assignments...there are a bunch from the age of fossils. Tuesday will be a quiz followed by the introduction of our new topic Bacteria with lecture. Wednesday lecture on classification of bacteria through possible shapes with a worksheet on Edward Jenner(due Friday).Friday we will streak plates and introduce culturing.